About Us

At the Kitchen Depot we are a design and built partners. We are very excited to bring our design expertise, creativity, good quality product and incredible workmanship to the Cottage Country Area.

Our talented Interior Designer is also a Certified Kitchen and Bath designer trough NKBA affiliated school. 

Our build partner has  a long history of successful projects and attention to details is definitely what sets him apart from the competition.

We only hire the best in the industry and we will be right there on every job site to make sure that everything is under control.

We, as a company are a member of NKBA ( National Kitchen and Bath Association) and we have the knowledge and training to provide our clients with the best service possible.

Why hire a pro? Because the magnitude and complexity of these projects are well beyond the typical weekend do-it-yourself job, a higher level of expertise on product, design and installation is needed. As a Certified NKBA professionals, we  provide insight into design options and technical necessities that clients wouldn’t necessarily think of on their own.

We'd like  to help you define your dream space, weight design ideas against functional goals and budget while keeping in mind your requirements. We would love to make your dream kitchen a reality. 

If coming and talking with us directly is not an option, we also offer online services where we can communicate via email and phone, send you design layouts and place your order online.

                                                     ~We promise to  always have time for you to  guide you through the process and make your dream kitchen a reality~